Museum Fire Update

Museum Fire


Hello Bridge Church this is Pastor Landon with the museum fire update.

In my own times of crisis, I’ve learned to look at struggle as an opportunity to put my focus on God. I use what He has brought me through to minister and encourage those around me. In times of crisis, everybody wants to know where God is and how I can get His help. That is why we are adjusting our schedule this week to serve our community through this crisis. Below is what you need to know:



3 Things to be apart of this week: 

1. Tuesday Prayer Service. Tonight at 6pm in the sanctuary, we will be hosting a community prayer service for Northern Arizona, our firefighters, and all of our community. I hope you will join us and bring a friend with you.  This is not about our church – this is about our community.

2. Midweek Service. Tomorrow at 7pm in the sanctuary, I will be leading a worship and prayer service. I want you to be there to have a time of prayer and also be prayed for. Let everyone know that they are welcome.

3. Sunday Service. This Sunday I will be sharing a special word for our church and community so come and join us at 9am and 11am. Bridge Church wants to be available to people during their time of crisis. These are important times for our community so don’t miss the three very important services.



4 things you can do right now:

1. A phone call: Call someone you know to check on them and ask how they are doing. They may not need anything but this shows that you care for them.

2. A prayer: Support each other and our beautiful mountains, wildlife, and countryside by praying.

3. A heart to give: You can give online towards “Disaster Relief” by clicking the button at the bottom of this email. We will also keep you updated on what donation items responders and evacuees need.

4. A simple invite: Invite a friend that is struggling to prayer service, a church service, or even just to your house.




First, pray. Second, give.

If you are able, give to our “Disaster Relief” fund on our website or giving app.



How To Stay Updated

Make sure to follow us on Social Media to stay up to date as needs for our city and community arise. We will be communicating through text, email, phone, and social media to keep everyone updated. All of our accounts are linked at the bottom of our website.

Prayer for Our Community
“Dear God, help me to feel Your presence. Help me to know that You are with me, no matter what happens.  Help me to be strengthened by Your presence. God, help me to know Your purpose for my life.  Help me to believe that Your purpose is greater than my problem and that I will make it with Your help.  Thank You for loving me. Thank You for dying on the cross for me. Help me to know Your plan for my life. Fill me with confidence and peace in the coming days.
I pray that you would replace the anxiety, the fear, the worry, with Your peace, with Your confidence, with Your calmness. Surround  Your people with Your love. Lord, help us to know You and Your love. I pray that You would fill people today with Your power, power to be a Christian in the day to day living of this next week.  Thank You for the promise that You are with us. Amen.”



I look forward to seeing you all this week, may God cover you all in His grace and His peace.

God Bless, Pastor Landon